US Open 2021 Volunteer List

We are looking for volunteers to help make the 2021 US Open another great event. A special benefit to volunteering this year is that you are a part of the very special 25th Anniversary US Open Event.

Please look through the volunteer jobs listed on the left menu and see if there is something you'd be interested in helping with. The times and credited hours are listed for each position.

If you find a position on the list that you can help us out with, please contact Jonn Olson at 651-485-3771 (text and cell phone) or preferrably click the link "Sign Up Here" on the left menu to email I'll be diligent about keeping this list up to date so you can get the positions you're most interested in without conflicts.

In advance, thank you so much for taking the time to read this and learn more about the opportunities and needs of the UnitedHealthcare US Open Championships. Our goal is to have all volunteer positions filled by Tuesday September 7th (day after Labor Day), but if you still see times available that you want after that date, please don't hesitate to request it.