Player Bag Volunteers

This volunteer position is responsible for meeting at Target Center on Monday September 30th at 4pm between the player village and stadium court. Everyone available from the US Open staff and these ten volunteers will form two lines on either side of tables and stuff player bags with tournament and sponsor items. This typically takes approximately two hours or so and gives the volunteer an opportunity to see the final setup before the US Open starts.

Monday (10/4) 4pm to 7pm

4 hours credit

1) Debbie Payton 2) Katie Brillowski
3) Sue Ferlita 4) Mary "Jo" Gullekson
5) Melissa Goihl 6) Diane Tlougan
7) Jim Brimeyer 8) Tim Christian
9) Scott Simmons (Unknown) 10) Spencer Driskill
11) Steve Salaverria 12) Michelle McCarville
13) Heather Landrus 14) Andrea Dahl
15) Julie Severson 16)


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