Setup #1 Volunteers

Sunday Setup (9/26) 9am to 5pm (Lunch provided)

On this day volunteers will help with several tasks related to constructing the stadium court and there is something for everyone to do no matter what your skills and strengths are. Some tasks include transporting the court panels about 100 feet into the stadium court area, washing court panels, laying out bolts and other hardware, helping erect the court panels, etc. If you have never seen this done before, it's very impressive to be a part of.

1) Dave Burns 2) Mike Cherry
3) Jeff Greeno 4) Debbie Payton (1p to 5p)
5) Sue Ferlita (1p to 5p) 6) Melissa Goihl (1p to 5p)
7) Diane Tlougan (9a to 1p) 8)
9) Dave Pennington 10) Grant Taylor (Noon to 5p)
11) Pam Lillich (9am to 1pm) 12) Filipe Sosa
13) 14)
15) Tim Christian (1pm to 5pm) 16)
17) Vignesh Thiyagarajan 18) Jeff Jefferson
19) Meaghan Lieburn (9am to 1pm) 20) Jim Calvin (1pm to 5pm)
21) Andrea Dahl 22) LeRoy Dahl
23) Suhas Wankhade 24) Lynnea West (9am to 1pm)
25) 26)
27) 28)
29) 30)


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